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namespace JasonRoman\NbaApi\Request\Data\Cms\Roster;
use JasonRoman\NbaApi\Constraints as ApiAssert;
use JasonRoman\NbaApi\Params\TeamSlugParam;
use JasonRoman\NbaApi\Request\Data\Cms\AbstractDataCmsRequest;
use Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraints as Assert;
* Get a team's generic summer league roster - not tied to a league; could be inaccurate; prefer the other endpoint.
class SummerLeagueGenericTeamRosterRequest extends AbstractDataCmsRequest
const ENDPOINT = '/json/sl/cms/noseason/team/{teamSlug}/roster.json';
* @Assert\NotBlank()
* @Assert\Type("string")
* @ApiAssert\ApiChoice(TeamSlugParam::OPTIONS)
* @var string
public $teamSlug;