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** A Node-Red wrapper for **

What it is

An easy-to-use wrapper for the service. The node-red-contrib-logentries node makes it very easy to log directly to your account direct from Node-Red.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop on node-red
  • fully configurable
  • cloud logging enables many sources to arrive in one viewable, searchable location


npm install node-red-contrib-logentries

- This will download this module and place in your node_modules directory
- This also installs the required NodeJs package for logentries service. 


When you open the node-Red GUI, there will be a node under the "storage" section called logentries which you can drag onto the board. Then double click to set the configuration.

This module sends your logging entries to the cloud hosted logging service You will need an account with this service for the module to work.

Once you have account, you need just one configuration item to initialize a logging instance (you can create more than one):

  • TOKEN: As supplied by Logentries when you create a logfile of source type Token TCP. User Guide service.

Company site:

Advanced Topic

If you have advanced port blocking in play and wish to override ports, navigate to your subdirectory of node_modules\logentries\lib and edit logentries.js file so that line 57 is changed from: port: ? 20000 : 10000, - to this: port: opts.port || ( ? 20000 : 10000),