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Config files for bash, completions, atom, git, irb, rails, etc.
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atom Improve display of search results in Atom
bash Use `hub` instead of `git` by default
bin Use a single space to separate dicepass words
sleepwatcher Don't mess with Dragon Dictate unless app is running
.gitignore Customize gitconfig
.gitmodules Remove Vim config
Brewfile Add ctags to Brewfile
LICENSE improving readme Update README
Rakefile Rakefile: replace_file: add -rf to remove dirs.
ackrc Teach Ack to search Markdown files
bash_profile moving everything from bash_profile to bashrc so it has the same beha…
bashrc Add `rbenv init` to bashrc
ctags Add ctags dotfile
curlrc Run curl in silent mode
editrc Add editrc to fix Control-R in irb
gemrc Simplify .gemrc
gitconfig.erb Revert to using Sublime as Git commit editor
gitignore Instruct Git to ignore tags files
gvimrc.after Add Vim configs (from @jdpace)
railsrc auto load and enable hirb in Rails console if it's available
slate Add resize bindings for Slate
tmux.conf Set tmux leader to C-a

Jason Rudolph's Dot Files

These are config files to set up a system the way I like it.


git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
git submodule init
git submodule update
rake install


I am running on Mac OS X, but I hope to gradually adapt this project to work on my Linux systems as well.

I use bash as my shell.


This repo began as a fork of Ryan Bates's dotfiles. Thanks to Ryan for providing the structure of the project, for creating the handy installation process, and for populating the repo with so many niceties.

I've customized the project to my liking, but as Ryan Tomayko says about his dotfiles ...

I didn't write all of this stuff, or even most of it. I've tried to include proper attribution [inline in each file for everything that] I found elsewhere. Please contact me if you see something not so attributed.

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