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Conference Talk - Getting Started with Grails
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Getting Started with Grails
Conference Talk
Jason Rudolph

See the ABSTRACT and the LICENSE

Note: If you're looking for the sample code for the book by the same 
name, "Getting Started with Grails", you can find that code at


This presentation has been delivered at the following events (with
requisite updates as Grails evolved between these events):

2007-01-23 Philadelphia Spring Users Group (Philadelphia, PA)
2007-02-21 Charlotte JUG (Charlotte, NC)
2007-03-20 Southeast Virginia JUG (Norfolk, VA)
2007-03-21 Richmond JUG (Richmond, VA)
2007-06-05 Princeton JUG (Princeton, NJ)
2007-06-18 TriJUG (Research Triangle Park, NC)
2007-07-22 Research Triangle Software Symposium (Durham, NC)
2007-08-04 BarCamp RDU (Raleigh, NC)
2007-08-11 Atlantic Northeast Software Symposium (Princeton, NJ)
2007-09-16 New England Software Symposium (Boston, MA)
2007-10-06 Greater Atlanta Software Symposium (Atlanta, GA)
2007-10-10 NovaJUG (Reston, VA)
2007-11-04 Northern Virginia Software Symposium (Reston, VA)
2008-02-22 2GX Groovy/Grails Experience (Reston, VA)
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