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Grails is an open-source web application framework that's all about
getting things done. Grails combines best-of-breed Java technologies
(including Hibernate and Spring), convention over configuration, and the
powerful and dynamic Groovy language. Together with these elements and
Groovy's ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing Java code,
Grails finally legitimizes rapid web application development for the Java
In this presentation, we'll see first-hand how to use Grails to build a
fully-functioning and flexible web application in minimal time. As we
develop the application, we'll explore the Grails project structure, its
MVC elements, and the power of dynamic methods. We'll see how Groovy's
highly-expressive nature allows us to write concise code, and Grails' use
of sensible defaults and convention-over-configuration save us from much
of the coding and configuration we'd otherwise face with many traditional