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Analyzes browser activity/productivity for macOS Safari and Chrome users.
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Extracts history activity for Safari and Chrome on OS X/macOS and plots proportional amount of activity for different days of the week and for different hours of a day (localized by time zone).

Figure 1

Figure 2

I don't really know what this says about my behaviour and would like to process the data more in future versions to gain more insight.

To use:

  1. Download this script or git clone so you have a local copy
  2. Use Terminal to navigate to find
  3. Type in python

Alternatively, if you download this as a ZIP to your Downloads folder, use python ~/Downloads/BrowserActivity_DayofWee-master/ from Terminal


Input into timezones.txt a comma separated list of timezones you were in. If you were only in one timezone, you will still need to use this.

Format: start_time,end_time,time_zone Times should be in ISO 8601 () format or 'now' (without quotations). Timezones should be in Olson time zones. Use 0,now,[Your timezone code] as a default.


v0.4.2 Limited timezone support

  • Added time zone support as defined in timezones.txt
  • Can filter all data to a single time period as well if it is in the same time zone
  • Timezones can be improved if it was easier to input!

v0.4.1 Hour of Day Analysis added

  • Also analyzes and displays information about usage at different hours during a day
  • Uses naive datetimes i.e. does not account for history in different timezones

v0.3 Chrome added, Rename

  • Also gathers information from Google Chrome
  • Processes sum of Chrome and Safari data
  • Rename to BrowserActivity_DayofWeek from SafariActivity_DayofWeek

v0.2 Percent Use

  • Displays output in percentage of total instead of raw value since it is more valuable and protects privacy

v0.1 Basic functionality added:

  • Finds History.db file from ~/Library/Safari/ automatically
  • Will catch if the database cannot be opened
  • Converts NSDate timestamps for history data into day of the week
    • Note that time zone differences are probably not correct since Safari likely looks to the system to determine the time and travelling users (like me) don't always update this immediately
  • Matlibplot histogram works but is ugly

P.S. This is my first python script! I have a feeling it could be much faster since I suspect I did not use numpy to its full capabilities. Suggestions are welcome.

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