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CurryMUD Cheatsheet

Example command output assumes your character's name is Hanako.


Nearly all identifiers in CurryMUD may be abbreviated. This means that in many cases you need not type the entire name of an item, a character, a command, or a help article.

Random Names

In channel communications, randomly chosen nouns identify characters with whom you have not established a telepathic link. These "random names" are easily distinguished by the fact that they always start with a lowercase letter and appear underlined. See help randomnames for more info.

Listing And Examining Things

Command Example Result
look look get a description of your current room, including a list of things in the room
look mhuman look at the male human in the room
inventory inventory get a list of the items you're carrying
inventory apple examine the apple you're carrying
equipment equipment get a list of your readied equipment
equipment sword examine the sword you're wielding
## Location Prefixes
Prefix Location Example Result
i- inventory smell i-flask smell the (contents of the) flask in your inventory
e- equipment smell e-shirt smell the shirt you're wearing
r- room smell r-flower smell the flower in the room

Other Prefixes

Prefix Purpose Example Result
. ordinal number empty 3.bottle empty your third bottle
/ amount get 2/knife pick up the first two knives in the room
' all show 'earring taro show all of the earrings in your inventory to Taro
drop ' drop everything in your inventory (including coins)

Combining Prefixes

You may combine a location prefix with another prefix. The location prefix must come first.

Example Result
smell r-2/flower smell the first two flowers in the room
show e-'earring taro show all the earrings you're wearing to Taro
## Coins

There are cp (copper pieces), sp (silver pieces), and gp (gold pieces).

cp sp gp
1 cp 1 1/10
1 sp 10 1
1 gp 100 10

Prefixes Used With Coins

Prefix Purpose Example Result
/ amount put 50/gp sack put 50 of your gold pieces in your sack
remove 50/coins sack remove 50 coins from your sack
' all put 'gp sack put all of your gold pieces in your sack
remove 'coins sack remove all of the coins from your sack
## Emoting
Symbol Purpose Example Output
@ your name emote shielding her
eyes from the sun, @
looks out across the
[Shielding her eyes from the sun, Hanako looks out across the plains.]
@'s your name in possessive @'s leg twitches
involuntarily as she
laughs with gusto
[Hanako's leg twitches involuntarily as she laughs with gusto.]
>taro target Taro emote slowly turns
her head to look
directly at >taro
[Hanako slowly turns her head to look directly at Taro.]
>fhobbit's target the female hobbit, in possessive emote places her
hand firmly on
>fhobbit's shoulder
[Hanako places her hand firmly on the female hobbit's shoulder.]
emote ignoring
>mnymph, @ takes
>taro's hand and
gestures eastward
[Ignoring the male nymph, Hanako takes Taro's hand and gestures eastward.]
## Emotes And Expressive Commands Inside Other Commands
Symbol Purpose Example Output
; begin an emote telepathy taro ;gives
you her full attention
[Hanako] [Hanako gives you her full attention.]
channel hunt ;suggests
that >tomato stay put
for now
(hunt) Hanako: [Hanako suggests that tomato stay put for now.]
question ;throws her
arms up in exasperation
(Question) Hanako: [Hanako throws her arms up in exasperation.]
= begin an expressive command telepathy taro =nodagree
[Hanako] [Hanako nods to you in agreement.]
channel hunt =slowclap
(hunt) Hanako: <With a mocking lack of enthusiasm, Hanako claps slowly for wellWater.>
question =comfort taro (Question) Hanako: <Hanako comforts Taro.>
## Addressing A Message

Use > to address a message.

Example Output
say >taro nice to meet, you, Taro Hanako says to Taro, "Nice to meet you, Taro."
felinoidean >taro he can't be trusted Hanako says to Taro in felinoidean, "He can't be trusted."
channel hunt >taro i'm still waiting
in the clearing
(hunt) Hanako: (to Taro) I'm still waiting in the clearing.
question >ant try typing "help
(Question) Hanako: (to ant) Try typing "help cheatsheet".

Adverbial Phrases

You may use an adverbial phrase to describe how an utterance is spoken. Adverbial phrases are delimited by square brackets.

Example Output
say [in a high-pitched voice] stop
pressuring me!
Hanako says in a high-pitched voice, "Stop pressuring me!"
say [quietly] >taro she's completely
round the twist...
Hanako says quietly to Taro, "She's completely round the twist..."
say >taro [with some hesitation] i
suppose you're right
Hanako says to Taro with some hesitation, "I suppose you're right."
dwarvish [irately] now fetch me
another beer!
Hanako says irately in dwarvish, "Now fetch me another beer!"
## Room Fixtures

A "room fixture" is a permanent feature of a room (such as a sign) with which you can interact via one or more commands. You may not abbreviate the name of a room fixture, and you may need to tack on the r- prefix to indicate that you are targeting an object in your current room.

Undocumented Commands

There do exist commands for which there is no help available via the help and ? commands. Typically, undocumented commands may only be used in certain rooms. One example is the trash command, which only works when you are in a room with a trash bin. The names of undocumented commands may not be abbreviated.