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Blitting is a rendering engine and lifecycle pipeline for ActionScript, distributed as a SWC library.

Focused in bit blit (bit-boundary block transfer), Blitting leverages performance oriented design for graphics, bitmap, and 3D rendering. Through a core engine, pipelines optimize rendering, layout, and invalidation lifecycles.

Blitting OpenFL is an OpenFL port to the Haxe programming language, and is distributed as a haxelib. Haxe developers should use Blitting OpenFL.

Where do I find more information?

Here are a few starting points:


Getting Started

Coming soon...

Generating ASDoc Documentation

To generate documentation, execute asdoc from the Adobe AIR SDK installation within the project report, such as:

~/sdk/AIRSDK_15.0.0.356/bin/asdoc \
    -doc-sources . \
    -output asdoc


This project is free, open-source software under the MIT license.

Copyright 2010-2015 Jason Sturges