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__author__ = 'Jason Vanzin'
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET #used for XML generation and parsing
import requests # used to pull url from Datto
import smtplib # used to send email message
from email.mime.multipart import MIMEMultipart # used to generate html email
from email.mime.text import MIMEText
import sys # used to determine python version and grab command line arguments
import os # used to determine path of dattoemail.xml
configdict = {} # used to store email configuration
maindict = {} # used to store server backup status
hostlist = [] # used to store appliance host names
input = input #used to declare input before checking python version
xmlpath = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) + '/dattoemail.xml' # tells script where config file is.
# sets input to raw_input if python 2.7.
if sys.version_info[0] == 2:
input = raw_input
def configureemail():
configureemail asks the user for the information needed to create the configuration xml file,
which is used when the script is ran normally.
# Creates XML structure
top = ET.Element('config')
apikey = ET.SubElement(top, 'apikey')
subject = ET.SubElement(top, 'subject')
fromaddress = ET.SubElement(top, 'from')
toaddress = ET.SubElement(top, 'to')
smtpaddress = ET.SubElement(top, 'smtpserver')
# Asks user for input to popluate and save XML file.
apikey.text = input("Please enter your Datto API key: ")
subject.text = input("Enter the subject used for the email: ")
fromaddress.text = input("Enter the from email address: ")
toaddress.text = input("Enter the to email address: ")
smtpaddress.text = input("Enter the smtp server address: ")
def pullconfig():
pullconfig pulls the email parameters in from the dattoemail.xml file. If an IOError is thrown,
it tells the user to run -config to generate the configuration file.
# attempt to parse XML file and notify user if file doesn't exist.
tree = ET.parse(xmlpath)
except IOError as err:
print(err, "\nPlease run -config to create configuration file.")
# creates a configuration dictionary that is used in email module.
root = tree.getroot()
for child in root:
configdict[child.tag] = child.text
def dattopull(apikey):
dattopull gathers the data from Datto's XML API and populates the hostlist list and maindict dictionary.
:param apikey:
apiurl = '' + apikey
htmlrequest = requests.get(apiurl)
root = ET.fromstring(htmlrequest.text)
# Finds all the Datto appliances
devices = root.findall('./Device')
# For loop goes through each appliance and finds the servers backed up to that appliance and
# their last backup status.
for hosts in devices:
protectedsystems = hosts.findall('./protectedMachines/protected')
lista = []
for system in protectedsystems:
servername = system.find('./protectedHostname')
laststatus = system.find('./lastSnapshot')
lasttime = system.find('./lastSnapshotTime')
lista.append([servername.text, laststatus.text, lasttime.text])
hostname = hosts.find('./hostname')
maindict[hostname.text] = lista
def email(subject, fromaddress, toaddress, smtphost):
Generates the email in html and sends it to the recipient address.
:param subject: email subject
:param fromaddress: email from address
:param toaddress: email recipient's address
:param smtphost: server used to relay the email
# Begins the formatting of the email in html.
dailyemailhtml = "<html><head></head><body>"
# cycles through each appliance listed in hostlist and generates the html for the body of the email.
for hosts in hostlist:
emailbodyhtlm = "<table border=\"0\" width=\"600\">\n"
emailbodyhtml = emailbodyhtlm + "<tr><td>" + hosts + ":</td></tr><tr></tr></td></tr><tr></tr></td></tr><tr></tr>\n"
emailbodyhtml = emailbodyhtml + "<tr><td width=\"30%\">Server Name</td><td width=\"30%\">Status</td><td width=\"30%\">Last Snapshot</td></tr>\n"
# cycles through each server in the maindict dictionary and generates the html for the email.
for server in maindict[hosts]:
emailbodyhtml = emailbodyhtml + "<tr><td>" + server[0] + "</td><td>" + server[1]+ "</td><td>" + server[2] + "</td></tr>\n"
# Finishes up the table for the email body.
emailbodyhtml = emailbodyhtml + "<tr></tr><tr></tr></td></tr><tr></tr></td></tr><tr></tr></table>\n\n"
dailyemailhtml = dailyemailhtml + emailbodyhtml + "\n\n"
# closes out the html code for the email.
dailyemailhtml = dailyemailhtml + "</body></html>"
# generates the email to be sent via the smtplib module.
part2 = MIMEText(dailyemailhtml, 'html')
msg = MIMEMultipart('alternative')
msg['Subject'] = subject
msg['From'] = fromaddress
msg['To'] = toaddress
smtpserver = smtplib.SMTP(smtphost)
smtpserver.sendmail(fromaddress, toaddress, msg.as_string())
def main():
args = sys.argv[-1] # Get last word from commandline so it can be checked to see if email needs configured.
if not args or '' in args:
if '-config' in args:
print('usage to send email:')
print('usage to configure: -configure')
if __name__ == '__main__':