Jars of Fireflies using ATTiny85s and Arduino
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Jar of Fireflies

Reinvention of the classic "Jar of fireflies" project using the Arduino framework and the ATTiny85 microcontroller. Includes six charlieplexed LEDs, a piezo sensor and a variety of powering options.

Mason jars outfitted with LEDs and a small microcontroller programmed to mimic the behavior of fireflies caught on a warm summer night. The addition of a piezo sensor enables a degree of interactivity that everyone wished their jars did as kids; tap the jar, and the lights react! Based on an old project found on Instructables, this project includes a number of great updates, including Arduino compatibility, interactivity and easier-to-use parts! Plus, the entire project embraces the principles of Open Source Hardware (OSHW), which means you can learn from and modify all of the code, design files, schematics and more for free!

Board features

  • ATTiny85 microcontroller mounted with a DIP IC socket, so it can be easily removed and reprogrammed externally using HLT's Arduino bootloader (see http://hlt.media.mit.edu/?p=1695).
  • Six charlieplexed LEDs (with the option to use SMD LEDs with fancy soldering).
  • Piezo sensor to detect tapping for interaction.
  • Four ways to connect power to the board - standard 2.1mm DC jack for wall adapters, 2-pin JST for batteries, 2-pin screw terminal for raw wires and 2-pin male header for female jumper wires.
  • Contacts for alligator clips so multiple jars can be daisychained to a single power source.

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