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Der Kritzler

Der Kritzler is a software and hardware platform for developing wall plotters. It consists of a set of Processing sketches (see src/ folder), Arduino firmware (firmware/ folder) and some electronics (some files in the design/ folder). 
      Contains Processing/Java sources, ready to use in Eclipse.
      Take a look at
      to see how to set things up.
      Contains Arduino firmware for the Kritzler.
      Script to convert a bitmap into an SVG.
      Needs imagemagick and potrace.
      Starts the processing sketch to make a jittered SVG
      out of a bitmap (JPG). 
      Starts the processing sketch to fill SVG outlines with
      with diagonal lines.
      Starts the processing sketch that sends SVGs to the Kritzler.

+ Added real-time pen location tracking - Jason Webb (5/25/2012)
+ Added Javadoc comments and consistent formatting added by - Jason Webb (5/25/2012)
+ Added ability to navigate through all SVG files in BUFFER_ACC folder using [ (back) and ] (forward) - Jason Webb (5/31/2012)
+ Added toggle-able grid to canvas, for accurate positioning (toggle with 'g') - Jason Webb (6/1/2012)
+ Added toggle-able bounding box for SVG shape, with centroid markings, for accurate positioning (toggle with 'b') - Jason Webb (6/1/2012)
+ Background color (canvas border) now changes to reflect state of pen plotter (same color as pen location marker). - Jason Webb (6/3/2012)