Source code and design files for interactive moving lights piece shown at KANEKO's 2015 "PLAY" exhibition
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Blue panel
Red panel/Firmware
Yellow panel

Interactive moving lights

A series of three interactive RGB LEDs attached to pan/tilt mechanisms and paired with colorful control panels. As the control panels are manipulated, the LEDs move and change colors in strange ways.

  • Blue panel - circular laser-cut panel with four large dome buttons and a classic arcade joystick
  • Yellow panel - triangular laser-cut panel with three banks of buttons and toggle switches.
  • Red panel - square panel with a circular softpot, two pushbuttons and a plant outfitted with piezo transducers to detect hits.



Laser cutting panels

Laser cutting the panels

Spray painting panels

Spray painting the panels


Finished yellow panel - top

Finished yellow panel - bottom




Installation at KANEKO