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In order to build using the appMobi code base you will first need the appropriate tools.
For iOS, refer to
For Android, refer to the instructions at
You will likely also need Eclipse for Android development from
The default project contained in the project is just a sample.
You can replace it with your own HTML5 based application.
Simply take all of your HTML, CSS, JS and other files and place them in a zip called
"". It MUST have a file called "index.html" at the top level of the zip file.
This is the start page of your application. To access the native device functionality
of the appMobi APIs, you can reference the sample applications included in this
project or download documentation at
Place the file in the AppLab directory for iOS or in the AppLab/res/raw
directory for Android.
Android development note:
If you have trouble getting the project to compile in Eclipse, you may need to remove
the Android library projects, hit apply, then re-add them and hit apply again.
Also, sometimes you just have to make a whitespace change to .classpath to get the
project to compile.
If you have other questions, we have created a forum at
for users to get answers to their questions.
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