Borderless iTerm2 patch with a few extra features
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iTerm2 borderless

My custom iTerm2 patch and build. Consistently updated.

  • Hides the window title bar
  • Hides the tab bar
  • Fixes window title rendering
  • New window title which displays either the title or the job name
  • New advanced options found under Preferences > Advanced: (Search for “borderless”)
    • Standard window buttons horizontal/vertical offset: Change the position of the window buttons and title bar.

    • Window title format: Set a custom title format

    • Set cursor foreground color: Set whether to change the cursor foreground color

    • Duration before cursor starts blinking: Set a duration for when the cursor should start blinking after it has moved

    • Vertical cursor width You can now change the cursor width by setting Vertical bar cursor width

  • Extra window padding You can now change the margins in Preferences > Advanced > General
  • Reverted to slightly bolder font smoothing Set Preferences > Profiles > Text > Use thin strokes for anti-aliased text to Never

Download the latest release and copy to /Applications, or apply the patch yourself. (Open an issue if it fails patching so I can fix it)

Patch it yourself

1. Get iTerm2 and iTerm2-borderless

git clone --depth=1
git clone --depth=1

2. Patch

cd iTerm2
patch -p1 < ../iTerm2-borderless/iTerm2-borderless.patch

3. Build

You might need to set the development team in Xcode before building. Open the Xcode project file with the open command below, and change the team under General > Signing > Team

open iTerm2.xcodeproj

Build for deployment with xcodebuild and show it in the Finder

xcodebuild -project iTerm2.xcodeproj -configuration Deployment -target iTerm2 -parallelizeTargets
open build/Deployment

Drag the app to /Applications

4. Set preferences

In the patched build, go to Preferences > Appearance and disable Show line under title bar when the tab bar is not visible

Next, go to Preferences > Advanced

Set the terminal margins

  • Height of top and bottom margins in terminal panes
  • Width of left and right margins in terminal panes

Set the title bar margins

  • Standard window buttons horizontal offset
  • Standard window buttons vertical offset

To do

  • The title bar drag area needs increasing
  • Override preferences which break the patch for people (also override margin: 0)