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iTerm2 borderless

My custom iTerm2 patch and build.

DEPRECATED: Consider using the latest iTerm as most the changes in this patch have been added/improved upon upstream.

  • Hides the standard window title bar
  • Modified tab bar
  • Moved the close tab button and new-output indicator to left of the tab label
  • New title format which shows either the title or the job name
  • New advanced options found under Preferences > Advanced: (Search for “borderless”)
    • Standard window buttons horizontal/vertical offset: Change the position of the window buttons and title bar.
    • Window title format: Set a custom title format
    • Set cursor foreground color: Set whether to change the cursor foreground color
    • Duration before cursor starts blinking: Set a duration for when the cursor should start blinking after it has moved
    • Vertical cursor width You can now change the cursor width by setting Vertical bar cursor width
  • Extra window padding You can now change the margins in Preferences > Advanced > General
  • Reverted to slightly bolder font smoothing Set Preferences > Profiles > Text > Use thin strokes for anti-aliased text to Never

Download the latest release and copy to /Applications, or apply the patch yourself. (Open an issue if it fails so I can update the patch)

Patch it yourself

1. Get iTerm2-borderless

git clone --depth=1

2. Get iTerm2, patch and build

cd iTerm2-borderless

If building fails, you might need to set the development team in Xcode. Open the Xcode project file with the open command below, and change the team under General > Signing > Team

open iTerm2/iTerm2.xcodeproj

Then try building again:

make build

3. Install

Move the app to /Applications

4. Set preferences

In the patched build, go to Preferences > Appearance and disable Show line under title bar when the tab bar is not visible

Next, go to Preferences > Advanced

Set the terminal margins

  • Height of top and bottom margins in terminal panes
  • Width of left and right margins in terminal panes

Set the title bar margins

  • Standard window buttons horizontal offset
  • Standard window buttons vertical offset

Still having trouble?

If iTerm still doesn't look right, try copying over the sane plist file: (it creates a backup of your current prefs file)

make install-prefs

Then restart iTerm.

To do

  • Override preferences which break the patch for people (also override margin: 0)
  • Fix dragging tabs appearance
  • Fix title bar bug in fullscreen
  • Fix tabs disappearing after fullscreen