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Control window layout using Ctrl + Numeric Keypad on macOS
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Keypad Layout

Control window layout using CTRL + number keys on macOS. Press two number keys in a row while holding down CTRL to select the new window position on a 3x3 grid.

This fork adds window spacing and changes the way CTRL-0 commands work. CTRL-0 CTRL-1-6 commands reposition windows on a 3x2 grid. CTRL-0 CTRL-7-0 commands reposition windows on a 2x2 grid.



Download the latest release and copy Keypad to /Applications.

You can run Keypad Layout on startup by adding the plist to your LaunchAgents:

git clone
cp keypad-layout/com.jan-gerd.keypad-layout.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents
launchctl load -wF ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.jan-gerd.keypad-layout.plist


You can set the window spacing and screen margin while Keypad Layout is running:

defaults write com.jan-gerd.keypad-layout '{ margin = "{24, 24}"; screenMargin = "{24, 24}"; }'


Key Command Window Position
CTRL-1 CTRL-9 Full screen
CTRL-7 CTRL-9 Top third
CTRL-1 CTRL-3 Bottom third
CTRL-3 CTRL-1 Bottom third
CTRL-1 CTRL-7 Left third
CTRL-1 CTRL-8 Left two thirds
CTRL-0 CTRL-1 CTRL-1 Bottom half, left third
CTRL-0 CTRL-3 CTRL-3 Bottom half, right third
CTRL-0 CTRL-4 CTRL-4 Top Half, left third
CTRL-0 CTRL-6 CTRL-6 Top Half, right third
CTRL-0 CTRL-2 CTRL-3 Bottom half, two right thirds
CTRL-0 CTRL-5 CTRL-6 Top half, two right thirds
CTRL-0 CTRL-7 CTRL-9 Left half
CTRL-0 CTRL-8 CTRL-0 Right half
CTRL-0 CTRL-9 CTRL-0 Top half
CTRL-0 CTRL-7 CTRL-8 Bottom half
CTRL-0 CTRL-7 CTRL-7 Bottom left corner
CTRL-0 CTRL-0 CTRL-0 Top right corner

Quit Keypad Layout

killall Keypad\ Layout


launchctl unload -wF ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.jan-gerd.keypad-layout.plist
rm ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.jan-gerd.keypad-layout.plist
rm -rf /Users/Shared/Keypad\


The application and menu bar icons are derived from numpad by Ján Slobodník from the Noun Project, available under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

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