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Project Chantootle

Project Chantootle (pronounced "Chipotle") is the code name for an as-yet unnamed project. The goal of Chantootle will be to provide a place for Github users to submit ideas they have for open source projects, get feedback, and maybe even find another developer to work on the idea with them.

Chantootle itself grew out of a need for an open source project idea and not being happy with what was out there.

How to Contribute

Getting Set Up

  1. Install Python 2.7.X
  2. Install setuptools
  3. Install MongoDB
  4. Install virtualenv: easy_install virtualenv
  5. Fork the repo
  6. Clone your repo to your dev system and move to the project directory
  7. Register an application on github, to receive OAuth credentials needed for development/testing.
  8. Copy chantootle/ to chantootle/
    • cp chantootle/ chantootle/
  9. Configure the github_client_id and github_secret settings in chantootle/ to the values you received after step 7.
  10. Create a Virtual Environment: virtualenv .env
  11. Enter your Virtual Environment: source .env/bin/activate
  12. Install Chantootle in "develop" mode: python develop


  1. Pick an issue
  2. Develop that issue
  3. If unit tests don't exist for that issue:
    1. Write unit tests which test the issue
  4. Run all unit tests. python test
  5. Commit your changes to your fork
  6. Open a pull request

Usage Scenarios

How an idea becomes a project

  1. A github user is going about their daily business and has a spark, an inspiration, maybe even an arousal in their mind about something they wish existed for their (and everybody's) free use.
  2. They head to (or whatever the final domain is called), log in with their github credentials, and create a project suggestion of no more than 1000 characters to get the conversation started.
    • Let's assume they called the project Brontupasto (pronounced "Bruschetta")
    • They also pick the open source license they want the project to use/be compatible with.
  3. Chantootle creates a repo in the user's account named "Brontupasto"
  4. Other Chantootle users comment on Brontupasto.
  5. Other Chantootle users up vote Brontupasto.
  6. Some users may want to develop the idea further, so they click a "fork this" button which forks Brontupasto into their own account, where they can work on the idea themselves.
    • The button would keep track of how many forks the project has.
    • The normal github development process would follow - people submit pull requests to the main project..
  7. ...
  8. Non-monetary Profit! (open source, duh.)

How a coder gets involved

  1. Steve Larsoosen (pronounced "Steig Larsson") wants to do some coding this weekend, but he doesn't know what to work on.
  2. Steve fires up his browser and points it at (or whatever the final domain is called), and stares at the list of project ideas for a little while.
  3. He is pretty confident in his python abilities, so he decides to filter the project ideas by the "python" language tag.
  4. Steve loves the web, so he narrows his list further by choosing the "web" tag.
  5. Steve sees Brontupasto and thinks it's a great idea, so he clicks the "fork this" button to get started on his glorious weekend hackathon.

Other ideas

  1. Something for Gists (smaller projects that don't require offical projectdom, but just quick solutions)
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