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Graphite is a graph library for JavaScript.


var nodes = [
    new graphite.Node(),
    new graphite.Node(),
    new graphite.Node(),
    new graphite.Node()
var edges = [
    new graphite.Edge(nodes[0], nodes[1]),
    new graphite.Edge(nodes[0], nodes[2]),
    new graphite.Edge(nodes[0], nodes[3]),
    new graphite.Edge(nodes[1], nodes[2]),
    new graphite.Edge(nodes[1], nodes[3]),
    new graphite.Edge(nodes[2], nodes[3])
var graph = new graphite.Graph(nodes, edges);


  1. Implement shortest-path algorithm (dijkstra?)
  2. Implement minimum-spanning-tree algorithm
  3. Implement topological sort.

All of the above will be implemented with the ability to pass a callback to the functions which calculates edge weight.