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Plot and protection plugin for PocketMine-MP
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Create, manage, and build in protected plots. Keep your builds safe from griefers!

Official MyPlot precompiled builds can be found on Poggit at

Have you ever seen those Java servers with the PlotSquared plugin and thought "Hey, why can't I have plots on my Minecraft server?" Well, now you can with MyPlot for PocketMine-MP!

A list of commands and permissions can be found in the MyPlot Wiki along with a helpful config guide here.

Want to help create language packs? If you know a language that is not created yet, you can create a new language pack by opening a pull request! If the language you know is already created, you can help improve it by editing it. Many of the current resource packs are outdated anyway :P

NOTE: MyPlot is designed to only support pmmp's version of the PocketMine-MP server software and will not work with third party builds. Any changes to the code in custom installations will not be supported. This includes removing SpoonDetector.
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