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A non-customizable plugin to add vanilla entities with AI to PocketMine servers
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Vanilla Entity AI

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Make mobs behave in your server worlds exactly like they do in vanilla!

Official VanillaEntityAI precompiled builds can be found on Poggit at

Have you ever been playing survival on a pocketmine server and thought "Why aren't any mobs spawning?" Wonder no more!

With this plugin, mobs spawn almost exactly like they do in vanilla! Using custom algorithms and tracking AI, this plugin makes the server-mob experience as close as possible, while still keeping the server lag-free!

NOTE: VanillaEntityAI is designed to only support pmmp's github releases of the PocketMine-MP server software and will not work with third party builds. Any changes to the code in custom installations will not be supported. This includes removing SpoonDetector.
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