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Source code for a website written in Swift and hosted using AWS Lambda + API Gateway
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Websites using Swift and AWS Lambda

This is the source code for this website:, that is written in Swift and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) mainly using AWS Lambda and API Gateway.

This is the result of asking, Can I make lightweight websites written in Swift that are simple, fun to write, and easy deploy? The answer is yes!

Check out the related blog posts for a detailed breakdown:

To get started playing with this project:

  • Clone it
  • Local website development
    • swift run Local-Website
    • open Artifacts/index.html in your preferred web browser
  • AWS Lambda function
    • make
    • upload to Artifacts/ to AWS Lambda
      • more details in the part 2 blog post above
  • Try changing Sources/GenerateWebsite/GenerateWebsite.swift and rerunning the local development flow above to see changes!
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