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Jasper Phelps edited this page Apr 18, 2024 · 10 revisions

🏦 The BANC (said "the bank") 🏦 is the Brain And Nerve Cord, a GridTape transmission electron microscopy dataset of a female adult Drosophila melanogaster's entire central nervous system.

  • This dataset was generated by Jasper Phelps and Minsu Kim in Wei-Chung Lee's lab at Harvard Medical School.
  • 3D segmentation to extract the shapes of neurons and other objects in the dataset was performed by Zetta AI.
  • The community proofreading and annotation effort is coordinated by FlyWire.

A manuscript describing the BANC is currently in preparation, aiming to be finished by the end of 2024. During this phase, we are happily sharing the unpublished, work-in-progress dataset with all interested researchers, although use is currently subject to a publication embargo as we prepare our manuscript. See the links on this page to FlyWire for more information.

Table of contents

General information about the dataset

Connectome proofreading and annotation