Openui5 Googlemaps library
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John Patterson
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OpenUI5 Google Maps

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A set of modules for OpenUI5 that adds support for using Google Maps.

Supported mapping functionality:

  • Map display
  • Markers and marker clusters
  • Directions (including waypoints)
  • Drawing polygons and polylines

Data binding is fully supported.


John Patterson




Examples are in the samples directory and cover all of the core functionality.

See for online demos.


In order to contribute, you'll need to install node.js and npm, its package manager. Once you've done that, you can install the build time dependencies (gulp, etc).

npm install

Once you've changed the source (in src), you can build the runtime version


This regenerates the assets in openui5/openui5-googlemaps.

Create a topic branch for your changes and once they're ready to be merged upstream, submit a pull request for review.