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$vc = Connect-VIServer -User administrator@vsphere.local
#Define the VSANcluster where you would like the rules created
$Cluster = "VSAN Cluster"
$VSANAlerts = @{
"esx.audit.vsan.clustering.enabled" = "Virtual SAN clustering service had been enabled"
"" = "Virtual SAN device has come online."
"esx.clear.vsan.clustering.enabled" = "Virtual SAN clustering services have now been enabled."
"" = "Virtual SAN now has at least one active network configuration."
"esx.clear.vsan.vsan.vmknic.ready" = "A previously reported vmknic now has a valid IP."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.lsom.componentthreshold" = "Virtual SAN Node: Near node component count limit."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.lsom.diskerror" = "Virtual SAN device is under permanent error."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.lsom.diskgrouplimit" = "Failed to create a new disk group."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.lsom.disklimit" = "Failed to add disk to disk group."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.pdl.offline" = "Virtual SAN device has gone offline."
"esx.problem.vsan.clustering.disabled" = "Virtual SAN clustering services have been disabled."
"esx.problem.vsan.lsom.congestionthreshold" = "Virtual SAN device Memory/SSD congestion has changed."
"" = "A vmknic added to Virtual SAN network config doesn’t have valid IP."
"" = "Virtual SAN doesn’t haven any redundancy in its network configuration."
"" = "Virtual SAN is operating on reduced network redundancy."
"" = "Virtual SAN doesn’t have any networking configuration for use."
"" = "Virtual SAN NIC has been added."
"" = "Virtual SAN NIC has been deleted."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.dom.lsefixed" = "Virtual SAN detected and fixed a medium error on disk."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.dom.nospaceduringresync" = "Resync encountered no space error."
"esx.problem.vsan.dom.init.failed.status" = "Virtual SAN Distributed Object Manager failed to initialize."
"esx.problem.vob.vsan.lsom.disklimit2" = "Failed to add disk to disk group in VSAN 6.0."
"vprob.vob.vsan.pdl.offline" = "Virtual SAN device has gone offline in VSAN 6.0."
$alarmMgr = Get-View AlarmManager
$entity = Get-Cluster $Cluster | Get-View
$VSANAlerts.Keys | Foreach {
$Name = $VSANAlerts.Get_Item($_)
$Value = $_
# Create the Alarm Spec
$alarm = New-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSpec
$alarm.Name = $Name
$alarm.Description = $Name
$alarm.Enabled = $TRUE
$expression = New-Object VMware.Vim.EventAlarmExpression
$expression.EventType = $null
$expression.eventTypeId = $Value
$expression.objectType = "HostSystem"
$expression.status = "red"
$alarm.expression = New-Object VMware.Vim.OrAlarmExpression
$alarm.expression.expression += $expression
$alarm.setting = New-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSetting
$alarm.setting.reportingFrequency = 0
$alarm.setting.toleranceRange = 0
# Create the Alarm
Write-Host "Creating Alarm on $Cluster for $Name"
$CreatedAlarm = $alarmMgr.CreateAlarm($entity.MoRef, $alarm)
Write-Host "All Alarms Added to $Cluster"
Disconnect-VIServer -Server $vc -Confirm:$false