Dynamic Lua binding to GObject libraries using GObject-Introspection
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LGI is gobject-introspection based dynamic Lua binding to GObject based libraries. It allows using GObject-based libraries directly from Lua.

Licensed under MIT-style license, see LICENSE file for full text.

Home of the project is on GitHub.

LGI is tested and compatible with standard Lua 5.1 and Lua 5.2 and recent LuaJIT 2 betas. Compatibility with other Lua implementations is not tested yet.

If you need to support pre-gobject-introspection GTK (ancient GTK+ 2.x releases), use Lua-Gnome.


In order to be able to compile native part of lgi, gobject-introspection >= 0.10.8 development package must be installed, although preferred version is >= 1.30. The development package is called libgirepository1.0-dev on debian-based systems (like Ubuntu) and gobject-introspection-devel on RedHat-based systems (like Fedora).

Using LuaRocks:

luarocks install lgi

Alternatively, use make-based installation:

[sudo] make install [PREFIX=<prefix>] [DESTDIR=<destdir>]

Please note that on BSD-systems you may need to use 'gmake'.


See examples in samples/ directory. Documentation is available in doc/ directory in markdown format. Process it with your favorite markdown processor if you want to read it in HTML.


0.6.2 (25-Jun-2012)

  • Avoid unexpected dependency on cairo-devel, cairo-runtime is now enough
  • Make set_resident() more robust and fix stack leak for lua5.2 case, avoid useless warning when set_resident() fails (to accomodate for static linking case).
  • Fix small memory leak (mutex) which occured once per opened lua_State using lgi.

0.6.1 (19-Jun-2012)

  • objects and structs: actually implement '_type' property as documented
  • tests: Fix regression tests for less common platforms
  • Pango: Add a few missing overrides
  • cairo: Fix Context:user_to_device() family of methods.
  • GStreamer: Add support for transfer!=none for input objects. This is needed to avoid leaks caused by strange usage of transfer annotations of gstreamer-0.10
  • GStreamer: Add more missing overrides
  • GStreamer: Fix and improve samples
  • Various fixes for usecase when lua context with loaded lgi is closed and opened again
  • Gtk: Add missing Gtk.Builder:connect_signals() override

0.6 (22-May-2012)

  • Add cairo bindings, cairo sample and finish some gtk-demo parts which were requiring cairo

0.5.1 (not officially released)

  • Fix a few problems on more exotic architectures (s390x, mips, ia64).
  • Allow passing byte.buffer when UTF8 string is requested.

0.5 (15-Apr-2012)

  • Port gtk3-demo to Lua code. Try running 'lua samples/gtk-demo/main.lua'
  • Finish override set for Gtk
  • Extend and document features for interfacing LGI with external libraries (exporting and importing objects and structures via lightuserdata pointers).
  • Fix: a few bugs with resolving bitflags values
  • Fix: a few bugs in coroutines-as-callbacks feature
  • Fix: workaround for crashing bug in gobject-introspection 1.32.0
  • Fix: don't try to squeeze GType into lua_Number any more; this could cause crashes on some 64bit arches.

0.4 (4-Jan-2012)

  • Changed handling of enums and bitflags, switched from marshaling them as numbers to prefering strings for enums and tables (sets or lists) for bitflags. Numeric values still work for Lua->C marshalling, but backward compatibility is broken in C->Lua enum and bitflags marshalling.
  • Compatible with Lua 5.2 and LuaJIT
  • Added standardized way for overrides to handle constructor argument table array part.
  • Existing Gtk overrides reworked and improved, there is now a way to describe and create widget hierarchies in Lua-friendly way. See docs/gtk.lua, chapter about Gtk.Container for overview and samples.
  • Various bugfixes and portability fixes.

0.3 (28-Nov-2011)

  • Project hosting moved to GitHub.
  • Build system switched from waf to simple Makefile-based one
  • Added automatic locking of thread-sensitive libraries (Gdk and Clutter). There is no need to add Gdk.threads_enter(), Gdk.threads_leave() and Clutter.threads_enter(), Clutter.threads_leave() pairs into application, lgi handles this automatically.
  • Added new sample samples/console.lua, which implements already quite usable Lua console using Gtk widgets.
  • Fixes for compatibility with older gobject-introspection 0.10.8 package
  • Testsuite is not built automatically, because building it can be apparently problematic on some systems, causing installation failure even when testsuite is not needed at all.
  • Remove setlocale() initialization, which could break Lua when used with some regional locales. The downside of this change is that marshaling file names containing non-ASCII characters on systems which define G_BROKEN_FILENAMES environment variable (probably only Fedora 15) does not work now.

0.2 (7-Nov-2011)

First public release