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audio/clementine: oops, zap non-actual info from Makefile.

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commit be9eeb1ef7d02ea2a3f146aa242f9d9e555dca01 1 parent e42fbac
Vadim Zhukov grayed authored
Showing with 0 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +0 −6 audio/clementine/Makefile
6 audio/clementine/Makefile
@@ -35,12 +35,6 @@ WANTLIB-main += gsttag-0.10
WANTLIB-main += avcodec avutil cdio lastfm mtp protobuf-lite qca2
WANTLIB-main += qjson tag>=5.0 usb xml2
-# Missing lib: avcodec.16 (/usr/local/bin/clementine) (NOT REACHABLE)
-# Missing lib: avutil.8 (/usr/local/bin/clementine) (NOT REACHABLE)
-# Missing lib: cdio.0 (/usr/local/bin/clementine) (NOT REACHABLE)
-# Missing lib: qca2.0 (/usr/local/bin/clementine) (NOT REACHABLE)
-# Missing lib: qjson.0 (/usr/local/bin/clementine) (NOT REACHABLE)
WANTLIB-kde4 += lib/qt4/QtSvg kdeui plasma
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