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Updated .gitignore to exclude *.rej files.

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1 parent 798f38e commit cf9e29df73a2e43aaf6e693eecdfac87bfe3a42b Ryan Boggs committed Aug 26, 2011
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4 comments on commit cf9e29d


does anybody object if we add CVS/ to this?

lteo commented on cf9e29d Sep 23, 2011

IMHO it's a good thing since it will prevent accidental and unnecessary CVS/ commits. So no objections here.


Sounds good to me.


I did it... this page mentions to do it in .git/info/exclude but I followed the standard way in .gitignore mentioned here

Jasper/Robert, if you don't like it, or if there's something better please fix it. thanks in advance

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