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mention how to use PORTSDIR_PATH and relation to dpb. Feel free to re…

…word properly or do it much better.
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@@ -63,10 +63,15 @@ How to use this tree
One way to use this tree is to clone it into your `/usr/ports/` directory and
-adjust `PORTSDIR_PATH` accordingly:
+adjust `PORTSDIR_PATH` accordingly in /etc/mk.conf:
+In the above example, a port with version 1 in cvs, version 2 in openbsd-wip.
+Then, the version in cvs will be picked up before the version in openbsd-wip.
+This is important if you are building packages using dpb. The order of
+PORTSDIR_PATH is important.
To prevent "merge commits" from showing up in git log, it's recommended to
either update your tree with:

4 comments on commit f8fbf81


amitkulz replied Oct 19, 2011

jasper, please check this.


grayed replied Oct 19, 2011

Well, you can put openbsd-wip before "official" tree, just do not forget to add a symlink to ${PORTSDIR}/infrastructure in openbsd-wip root directory.


amitkulz replied Oct 20, 2011

why the symlink? I don't have it. If its not there in openbsd-wip, it will pick it up from the real PORTSDIR.


grayed replied Oct 20, 2011

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