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Commits on Aug 1, 2019
  1. Emoji grin

    jaspertandy committed Aug 1, 2019
  2. haha £

    jaspertandy committed Aug 1, 2019
Commits on Jul 31, 2019
  1. Add smirk emoji

    jaspertandy committed Jul 31, 2019
  2. More tmux bindings

    jaspertandy committed Jul 31, 2019
  3. Emoji on ADJUST

    jaspertandy committed Jul 31, 2019
Commits on Jul 30, 2019
  1. nohlsearch

    jaspertandy committed Jul 30, 2019
  2. [Keymap] ErgoDox EZ Spanish Colemak (qmk#6258)

    MarioAriasC authored and drashna committed Jul 30, 2019
    * keyboard
    * documentation
    * address PR comments qmk#1
    * address PR comments qmk#2
  3. [Keymap] Added keymap folder matching username to rorschach; added re…

    tuesdayjohn authored and drashna committed Jul 30, 2019
    …adme to old keympa (qmk#5970)
    * Added keymap folder matching username; added readme to old keymap
    * Update config.h
  4. [Keyboard] Add AMJ66 keyboard (qmk#5945)

    noroadsleft authored and drashna committed Jul 30, 2019
    * Added nearly perfect config for AMJ66, only missing top right key.
    * Correct the layout macro
    * Add layout mock-up to amj66.h
    * Update and comment out the backlight definitions in config.h
    The backlight pin was found to be D4, but there appears to be a bug in QMK that affects this keyboard.
    Commenting out for now.
    * Try to make a sensible default keymap
    * Add testing keymap for FSund
    Include the keymap that was being used for testing.
    Don't forget to refactor this later into an actually useful keymap.
    * Suggestions by fauxpark
    - uncomment the backlight configuration
    - fix the default keymap
    - remove commented MCU rule
    - specify the bootloader
    - make mental note to not try to write code at 3:30 in the morning
    * Add LAYOUT_66_ansi and LAYOUT_66_iso macros
    - include QMK Configurator data
    - enable Community Layout support
    * Add comments about layout variants to amj66.h
    * Add #define BACKLIGHT_ON_STATE 1
    Partial fix for backlight breathing.
    - Requires qmk#5983 to fix fully (confirmed by FSund and fauxpark)
    Co-Authored-By: fauxpark <>
    Co-Authored-By: Filip Sund <>
    * Move AMJ66 files into new AMJKeyboard directory
    * Correct Manufacturer in USB Device Descriptor
    * Remove comment regarding source fork
    * Correct the readme
    * Update default keymap to match the details given in its readme
    * White-space edit fsund_test keymap
    Makes its formatting more consistent with other 66% keymaps. No logic changes.
    * Linting info.json
    Debug-style linting (one key object per line) and minor edits to key labels.
    * Remove fsund_test keymap
    * Add FSund as a maintainer in info.json
  5. [Keyboard] add 60% pcb for the smk 2nd switch(with mx mount) (qmk#5928)

    yulei authored and drashna committed Jul 30, 2019
    * add smk60 pcb
    * remove useless keymap
    * Update keyboards/smk60/
    add 60_iso layout
    Co-Authored-By: fauxpark <>
    * fixed 60_iso layout
    * update header file macro
  6. [Keyboard] Assign unique vendor ID and product ID for hadron (qmk#5184)

    ishtob authored and drashna committed Jul 30, 2019
    * assigned unique vander and product ID to hadron
    * fix v2 compiled firmware size issue
  7. [Keyboard] Add suihankey_rev1 keyboard and Fix default keymap (qmk#6419)

    kakunpc authored and drashna committed Jul 30, 2019
    * move alpha
    * add suihankey rev1
    * fix default keymap.
    * remove split
    * add split keymap
    * move default_split keymap
    * fix rev1 config.h
    * fix split
    * set BOOTMAGIC_ENABLE lite
    * fix enum base
Commits on Jul 29, 2019
  1. Update YouTube URL

    TimeDoctor authored and noroadsleft committed Jul 29, 2019
    The link was an outdated one to
    The correct link appears to be which is shortened as in the file.
  2. [Keymap] Shift RGB layout keys to the right by one to be consistent w…

    sidcarter authored and drashna committed Jul 29, 2019
    …ith other keymap layouts (qmk#6431)
    * move rgb toggles by one key to be consistent with all other keyboard layouts I have
    * also remove unnecessary audio stuff
  3. [Keyboard] Add dumbpad (qmk#6425)

    imchipwood authored and drashna committed Jul 29, 2019
    * removed some debug prints
    * removed unnecessary files, tweaked some things
    * rotary encoder button now connected into column 0, row 3
    * tweaked keymap and moved encoder control into keymap
    * tweaks
    * added test keymap
    * updated some things to make it easier to work with QMK configurator
    * updates after merging latest master in
    * fixed a few things
    * removed test keymap and all related #ifdefs
    * changed some dumbpad default keys, added KC_LOCK
    * added image to readme
    * added link to PCB github repo
    * moved lock key to the rotary encoder pushbutton
    * making suggested changes from @fauxpark in qmk#6452
    * adding bootmagic lite since i'm lazy and haven't soldered on the reset button...
    * renamed  to
    * using 7 underscores for KC_TRNS
Commits on Jul 28, 2019
  1. [Keyboard] Fix up and clean Corne Keyboard code (qmk#6284)

    drashna committed Jul 28, 2019
    * Fix corne  communication issues with LTO
    * Fix up other issues with corne code
    * Fix indentation
    * Clang Format rev1 file for Corne
Commits on Jul 27, 2019
  1. (OLED) Added support for CR (qmk#6399)

    XScorpion2 authored and drashna committed Jul 27, 2019
    Currently OLED Dirver only supports LF (\n) character in a string to clear out the rest of the current line and advance to the next line for writing. This PR adds support for CR (\r) character as well to advance to the next line, however not clear out the rest of the current line. This is extremely useful when you want to display a multi-line logo using a single array without wiping out exiting lines and flagging the OLED as dirty unnecessarily.
  2. [Keyboard] Provide QMK Configurator API data for business_card (qmk#6412

    noroadsleft authored and drashna committed Jul 27, 2019
    - alpha and beta revisions
    - deleted keyboards/business_card/info.json (made redundant by revision-specific files)
  3. [Keymap] Personal keymap for the planck with muzak (qmk#6402)

    sidcarter authored and drashna committed Jul 27, 2019
    * personal keymap for the planck with sounds
    * need that minus and underscore where I can see them
    * remove unused block
    * some, shall we call them, minor changes?
    * I don't think this is required anymore
  4. Fix RGB Matrix Cycle Left-Right Animation (qmk#6421)

    yrdns authored and drashna committed Jul 27, 2019
    One-line fix for a typo that could break build if DISABLE_RGB_MATRIX_CYCLE_LEFT_RIGHT was defined but not DISABLE_RGB_MATRIX_CYCLE_ALL
  5. [Keyboard] TGR Jane v2 (qmk#6361)

    2 people authored and drashna committed Jul 27, 2019
    * initial commit TGR Jane
    * lighting support
    * use the default keymap lifted from community layouts for LAYOUT_tkl_ansi
    * add information regarding reset key, hardware supported, and hardware availability
    * document that it supports v1.1 as well thanks to nickheller's confirmation
    * update some verbage in the readme
    * add QMK Configurator support
    * establish switch matrix for three main layouts
    * add community layout support
    * readme fixes
    * Update keyboards/tgr/jane/info.json
    Co-Authored-By: noroadsleft <>
    * Update keyboards/tgr/jane/
    Co-Authored-By: Drashna Jaelre <>
    * Update keyboards/tgr/jane/config.h
    Co-Authored-By: fauxpark <>
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