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Slightly faster escaping for the `String` renderer #36

meiersi opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The escaping in the String renderer currently looks like

'<'  -> "&lt;"   ++ escapeHtmlEntities cs k

However, in my experience the slightly more ugly

'<'  -> '&':'l':'t':';':escapeHtmlEntities cs k

is faster. It would be great, if we could try out this change and measure the difference in performance. Obviously, this change matters most for use cases requiring a significant amount of escaping.


Implemented, benchmarked, accepted.

Before this transformation:

  • bigTable (String): 4.732035 ms (std dev: 390.9333 us)
  • basic (String): 14.66538 us (std dev: 75.75378 ns)
  • wideTree (String): 4.370032 ms (std dev: 279.0774 us)
  • wideTreeEscaping (String): 1.049168 ms (std dev: 3.031388 us)
  • deepTree (String): 2.869720 ms (std dev: 855.4002 us)
  • manyAttributes (String): 3.843686 ms (std dev: 989.2406 us)


  • bigTable (String): 4.062248 ms (std dev: 339.5793 us)
  • basic (String): 13.79819 us (std dev: 76.73878 ns)
  • wideTree (String): 4.337962 ms (std dev: 37.49904 us)
  • wideTreeEscaping (String): 843.0063 us (std dev: 9.630759 us)
  • deepTree (String): 2.767646 ms (std dev: 630.6085 us)
  • manyAttributes (String): 3.689679 ms (std dev: 983.5755 us)

Great! Thanks for the good work!

This issue was closed.
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