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blaze-from-html: doctypehtml is lowercase #66

jabolopes opened this Issue · 2 comments

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jabolopes Jasper Van der Jeugt


I think this is a bug: blaze-from-html is generating doctypehtml for html5 lowercase.
But in the documentation, in the HTML5 module, the doctypehtml is like this "docTypeHtml".


Jasper Van der Jeugt

Thanks for reporting! Fixed and released on Hackage as blaze-from-html- Cheers!


Thank for the fix. Cheers!

Thomas Haggett joshado referenced this issue from a commit in joshado/pkgsrc-wip
szptvlfn Update to
  - Bump QuickCheck version
  - Make base, keygen, source leaf elements
  - Bump test-framework dependency
  - Bump test-framework dependency
  - Add XHTML5 option, patch by Hugo Landau
  - Fix issue regarding docTypeHtml in lowercase
      Closes jaspervdj/blaze-html#66
  - Add preEscapedToHtml
  - Merge pull request #71 from ianbollinger/master
      Increment upper bound on bytestring for GHC 7.6
  - Add new renderer modules
  - Merge pull request #59 from alevy/master
      Add trustworthy flags to renderers and HTML combinator generators
  - Merge pull request #62 from trofi/master
     .cabal: add tests to sdist
       Signed-off-by: Sergei Trofimovich <>
  - Remove mistaken comment
  - Fix compilation with -Werror
  - Export extra Text renderer functions
  - Added XHtml1.{Strict,Transitional,FrameSet} modules.
     * Modified Util/GenerateHtmlCombinators to generate these automatically.
     * HtmlVariant now includes a selfClosing field; if True, leaf tags will be self-closed.
     * Modified cabal file to include the new modules in exported modules.
  - Merge remote-tracking branch 'sol/master'
     Update example in documentation of Text.Blaze
       * Use toHtml instead of string
       * Add missing import for forM_
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