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A general way to consume input using applicative functors

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Digestive functors is a library that provides an abstract way to consume input using applicative functors. It is mostly geared towards HTML forms, altough it can also be used for other tasks.


Checkout the tutorial.lhs example in the examples folder.

Directory layout

This repository contains a number of packages:

  • digestive-functors: Main package
  • digestive-functors-snap: Snap backend
  • digestive-functors-happstack: Happstack backend
  • digestive-functors-blaze: BlazeHtml frontend
  • digestive-functors-heist: Heist frontend



  • Jasper Van der Jeugt


  • Alex Mason
  • Andrew Richards
  • Antoine Latter
  • Daniel Patterson
  • Doug Beardsley
  • Jeremy Shaw
  • Oliver Charles
  • Ozgun Ataman
  • Toon Willems
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