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-- | Example bot using the PlanetWars module
module Main where
import Data.List (maximumBy, minimumBy, partition)
import qualified Data.IntMap as IM
import Data.Ord (comparing)
import PlanetWars
doTurn :: GameState -- ^ Game state
-> [Order] -- ^ Orders
doTurn state = if null myFleets
&& (not . null) myPlanets
&& (not . null) notMyPlanets
-- Simple ai
then [Order (planetId strongest) (planetId weakest) ships]
-- If we have a fleet in flight, just do nothing
else []
myFleets = filter isAllied $ gameStateFleets state
-- Partition all planets
(myPlanets, notMyPlanets) = partition isAllied $
map snd $ IM.toList $ gameStatePlanets state
-- Find our strongest planet and the weakest neutral/hostile planet
strongest = maximumBy (comparing planetShips) myPlanets
weakest = minimumBy (comparing planetShips) notMyPlanets
-- Select half of the ships
ships = planetShips strongest `div` 2
main :: IO ()
main = bot doTurn
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