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@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ planet-wars-haskell
Unofficial Haskell starter package for
[the google ai contest](
The [PlanetWars](
module contains a small library to build your bot on. The
@@ -17,3 +17,24 @@ You should change the `MyBot` module to your liking. If you make any
improvements to the `PlanetWars` module, I would appreciate if you have me pull
your changes, so everyone can benefit from your improvements -- after all, we're
trying to get the Haskell bots as high as possible in the ranking, right?
+You should be able to build your bot using:
+ ghc --make -O2 MyBot.hs
+The server uses the `-O2` flag as well. Now, you should have an executable
+called `MyBot`.
+Let's watch it fight against one of the java bots.
+ java -jar tools/PlayGame.jar maps/map7.txt 1000 1000 log.txt \
+ "./MyBot" "java -jar example_bots/RandomBot.jar" | \
+ java -jar tools/ShowGame.jar
+More information can be found [here](

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