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🎈Spring Boot, JavaFX, bootstrap3, mongoDB
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Spring Boot & JavaFX

JavaFX · Spring Boot · Logback · MongoDB · ControlsFX · FontAwesome

travis licence


spring-boot-fx is the easiest boilerplate to kick start new applications on Spring Boot, JavaFX, MongoDB and tons of other cool features.

Following the MVP (Model-View-Presenter) architecture suggested in Learn JavaFX 8: Building User Experience and Interfaces with Java 8 by Kishori Sharan

Run me!

  • Go to the project location.
  • Run the maven wrapper! ./mvnw clean compile exec:java
  • If you liked the project put a ⭐


  • Coloured logging with logback
  • JavaFX form example
  • application.yml Jackson enabled properties file
  • Spring data ready
  • Bootstrap3 theme
  • Font-Awesome ready


colours logback charts frm

JavaFX To Read

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