A library for cheat resistant dice rolling in a Google+ Hangout
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Hangout Dice

Hangout Dice is a library for generating dice rolls in a Google+ hangout. It uses the ms precision of the event metatdata in the shared state object to provide the entropy for the rolls, and a pure JS random number implementation to allow all connected clients see the same results for any given roll.


Usage is pretty simple. After you include the js file, the variable HangoutDice will be added to the global namespace. First set HangoutDice.onRoll to a function that takes an object as a callback. The object will be formatted as follows:

  rolls: [1,5,6],        // Array of rolls that were requested
  num: 3,                // Number of dice rolled
  sides: 6,              // Number of sides on the dice
  id: "123$google/456",  // Participant ID of the roller
  timestamp: 1234567890  // Cachebuster, can be ignored

To trigger a roll, call HangoutDice.roll(num, sides). It can take a third optional parameter that is a local callback for the roll. Keep in mind that the global callback will still fire.