Assets not showing up for https #38

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I have reverse proxy setup for a subfolder to a wordpress blog, which is hosted on an ec2 server. Ultimate goal "" The problem is the parent site is in https, so for transparency I've added openssl to the lamp stack(ec2). The problem is that the wordpress blog is not showing any assets/css.

match "/blog" => redirect("/blog/")

use Rack::ReverseProxy do
reverse_proxy /^\/blog(\/.*)$/, 'http://xx.xx.xx.x$1', opts={:preserve_host => true}

xx.xx.xx.x = ip to the ec2 box with wordpress installed.


In case anyone else has this issue, make sure your link in the Rack::ReverseProxy block is https instead of http

in the

use Rack::ReverseProxy do
    opts = {:preserve_host => true})
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