MATLAB script to import an HDF5 file saved by HyperSpy
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MATLAB function to import an HDF5 file saved by HyperSpy

This MATLAB function is designed to import HyperSpy's saved HDF5 files (.hspy extension). It is used to easily transfer data from HyperSpy to MATLAB without losing the axial calibration information. The underlying data is returned as the primary output, and axis metadata (such as names, units, scales, etc.) are returned as supplemental output.

To use the function, place it somewhere on your MATLAB path, and call it passing a string with the HyperSpy output file name as the only input:

data = readHyperSpyH5('example_file.hspy');

The additional outputs of the script are described in the documentation string for the function.

The script has been tested on 2D and 3D hyperspectral data (spectrum images), but should work for arbitrarily sized data. Please raise an issue on the issue tracker or in the HyperSpy Gitter chat with any problems.

readHyperSpyH5 was written by Joshua Taillon

Download readHyperSpyH5