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Tmux Base16 Statusline
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Tmux Base16 Statusline

Tmux statusline based on base16-shell. This project has been created forking the amazing tmux-themepack tmux plugin.

Shell's default ANSI colors: base16-gruvbox-dark-hard

Table of Contents

  1. Screenshots
  2. Nerd Fonts Support
  3. Installation
  4. Configuration
  5. Plugin Support
  6. TODO





Nerd Fonts Support

Nerd Fonts

Font used on the screenshoots



Install using Tmux Plugin Manager

  1. Add plugin to the list of TPM plugins in .tmux.conf:

     set -g @plugin 'jatap/tmux-base16-statusline'
  2. Hit prefix + I to fetch the plugin and source it. The plugin should now be working.


Select theme via .tmux.conf option:

    set -g @base16-statusline 'main'

<CHAR1> can be configured on the status-left to separate session name to overwrite its default value:

    set -g @base16-statusline-separator-session-name '@'

<CHAR2> can be configured on the status-left to separate panes number and active pane to overwrite its default value:

    set -g @base16-statusline-main-separator '|'

<CHAR2> can also be used on the status-right as @main_separator:

    set -g status-right "#{prefix_highlight} #[fg=yellow]%H:%M:%S #[fg=white]#{@main_separator} #[fg=green]%d-%b-%y "

it's mandatory to add status right on the ~/.tmux.conf file to show prefix_highlight

Plugin Support


Select tmux-prefix-highlight options via .tmux.conf:

    set -g @prefix_highlight_bg black
    set -g @prefix_highlight_fg red
    set -g @prefix_highlight_prefix_prompt '<CHAR3>'
    set -g @prefix_highlight_show_copy_mode 'on'
    set -g @prefix_highlight_copy_prompt '<CHAR4> '
    set -g @prefix_highlight_copy_mode_attr "fg=red,bg=black,bold"
    set -g @prefix_highlight_output_prefix ''
    set -g @prefix_highlight_output_suffix ''

Characters referenced on the project

Character Image Description
\uf461 char1 CHAR1 * Used on the status-left after the session-name
\ufc5e char2 CHAR2 * Used on the status-left and status-right as a separator
\uf6d7 char3 CHAR3 * Used on the @prefix_highlight_prefix_prompt option
\uf0c5 char4 CHAR4 * Used on the @prefix_highlight_copy_prompt option


  • Move status-right to the theme
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