Amazing Horse: The Game
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Intended to be a Zork-like game with the lyrics to Amazing Horse

This is my horse/
My horse is amazing/
Give it a lick/
Ooh it tastes just like raisins/
With a tug on his mane/
He turns into a plane/
And he turns back again /
When you tug on his winky/

Ooh that's dirty/
Oh you think so?/
Well I better not show you/
Where the lemonade is made/

Sweet lemonade/
Sweet, sweet lemonade/
Sweet lemonade/
Sweet, sweet lemonade/

Get on my horse/
I'll take you through the universe/
And all the other places too/

I think you'll find that the universe/
Pretty much covers everything/

Shut up, woman, get on my horse!