A color extension for Swift with Photoshop blending.
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A color extension library for Swift.*

*It has Photoshop style color blending!


// Example of hex initializer
let sun = UIColor(hex: "#FBF002")
// Example of RGB 0-255 initializer
let pink = UIColor(r: 241, g: 139, b: 185)

let container = UIView(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 888, height: 250))
container.backgroundColor = pink

let label = UILabel(frame: container.frame)
label.text = "Sweet"
label.textColor = sun

// Example of overlay similar to Photoshop with reduced alpha
// This allows us to get a more natural ambient shadow
label.layer.shadowColor = pink.overlayBlack.with(alpha: 0.6).cgColor

Example Preview


You can either directly copy Sweetercolor.swift into your project or you can use CocoaPods: Sweetercolor.


Each method is documented using headerdocs. An overview can be found here: jathu.me/sweetercolor


The license is provided in the project folder.


The logo and name is based off of Sweeterman by Ramriddlz. The original logo is based on the Chiquita logo.

August 2015 - Toronto