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ChowDSP for VCV

License: GPL v3 Build Status

This repository contains ChowDSP modules for VCV Rack. Official releases can be installed from the VCV Rack Library.


For more information, see the User Manual.


To build these plugins, you must have the VCV Rack development environment set up. Then use the following commands:

# clone repository
$ git clone

$ cd ChowDSP-VCV

$ make install

The ChowDSP-VCV repository also contains a benchmarking suite. For more information on building and running benchmarks, see the benchmark documentation.


ChowDSP VCV uses the Eigen and r8lib libraries for linear algebra, as well as Stefano D'Angelo's Wright Omega function approximations. The ChowChorus effect is inspired by the "Ensemble" effect in the Surge Synthesizer and borrows their implementation for representing complex numbers with SIMD registers.

Module design assisted by Margus Mets.

ChowDSP uses Roboto fonts, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


ChowDSP VCV Modules (both artwork and code) are licensed under the GPLv3 license. Enjoy!