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Thank you for using the Four in a line game ! I really hope you'll enjoy it.
This game can be either single player or multiplayer, depending on what you choose.
In case you choose to use it the multiplayer mode, the server side need to leave the port 1099 opened, while the client does not need a specific configuration.
In order to insert chips in the game window, just click on the column on which you want to insert a chip.

System requirements
Any operating system with a JVM 1.6 or later available at or as packages in Linux distributions. Note that
the game also works with OpenJDK.

Game startup
Setup your environment so that it contains the java command is in your PATH.

In case you have the right file association done on your system for JAR files, you just have to double click the fourinaline.jar file.

Otherwise, launch the game with the following command using the command line :
java -jar fourinaline.jar

This software is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later. See the attached file license.txt for further information.

Known issues
- When launching a new game, the program may take some seconds in order to update its display to the current game. This is due to the game client/server behaviour.
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