Helsinki region local data visualization for Open Data Kitchen Feb 2012.
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This is a localdata visualization made by Jonatan HildŽn at the Open Data Kitchen in Helsinki on Feb 2012. Some data mangling and preprosessing done by Janne Aukia. 

TŠmŠn teos teoksen kŠyttšoikeutta koskee Creative Commons NimeŠ-Tarttuva 3.0 Muokkaamaton -lisenssi.

For more info, see (in Finnish):

Misc details:
* requires a hacked svg library to be installed into nodebox, see "hacked-svg-lib" for this
* requires "PT Sans" to be installed on the machine, see "PT Sans" folder for the fonts

Data sources (internal stuff):
* "102.csv", source: "Helsinki_alueittain2011.xls"
* "102_voting.csv", source: "parlimaentary_elections_helsinkiData_15.8.xls"
* "102_population.csv", source: "Helsinki_alueittain2011.xls"
* "102_languages.csv", source: "VŠestš-Šidinkieli-2011.xlsx"