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starthack2019 - CupFlow

Why tackling coffee cup waste ?

The issue is that in Switzerland alone everyday are used around 8 million disposable cups, enough to cover the distance between Basel and Vienna: 820km. Worldwide the usage elevates to 58 billion per year, wich is equivalent to the woodcutting of 32 millions of trees, the consumption of 100 billion liters of water and the emission at the atmosphere of 6.4 million tones of CO2, and only every 400th of a cup is recycled.

We strive to eliminate the giant pile of waste created by disposable coffee cups.

That's why we made a decentral, digital deposit system for reusable coffee cups that will work at any train station, anytime. We want coffee drinkers to be able to return the used cups at drop-off points that automatically and digitally credit back the deposit to the users. We can achieve this by identifying the cups using QR-Codes.

Always with the objective in mind of making rail travel even more environmentally friendly!

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