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Customized Mapping from Java to Native

The TypeMapper class and related interfaces provide for converting any Java type used as an argument, return value, or structure member to be converted to or from a native type. The example Win32 API interfaces use a type mapper to convert Java boolean into the Win32 BOOL type. A TypeMapper instance is passed as the value for the TYPE_MAPPER key in the options map passed to Native.loadLibrary.

Alternatively, user-defined types may implement the NativeMapped interface, which determines conversion to and from native types on a class-by-class basis.

You may also customize the mapping of Java method names to the corresponding native function name. The StdCallFunctionMapper is one implementation which automatically generates stdcall-decorated function names from a Java interface method signature. The mapper should be passed as the value for the OPTION_FUNCTION_MAPPER key in the options map passed to the Native.loadLibrary call.