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Default Type Mappings

Java primitive types (and their object equivalents) map directly to the native C type of the same size.

Native TypeSizeJava TypeCommon Windows Types
char8-bit integerbyteBYTE, TCHAR
short16-bit integershortWORD
wchar_t16/32-bit charactercharTCHAR
int32-bit integerintDWORD
intboolean valuebooleanBOOL
long32/64-bit integerNativeLongLONG
long long64-bit integerlong__int64
float32-bit FPfloat
double64-bit FPdouble
char*C stringStringLPTCSTR
void*pointerPointerLPVOID, HANDLE, LPXXX

Unsigned types use the same mappings as signed types. C enums are usually interchangeable with "int".