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Publishing JNA to Maven Central

One Time

  • Create an account in the sonatype jira
  • Get the account enabled for publishing to the groupId (contact an existing uploader for this)
  • Set up your gpg keys as described here. Make sure you distribute your public key.
  • Make sure you have a settings.xml file (in directory: ${user.home}/.m2/). For example (Replace myossrhuser and myossrhpwd with the account credentials):


    The binaries are hosted in the Sonatype OSSRH (OSS Repository Hosting) system, and mirrored from there to maven central.

    See OSSRH Guide for more info.

Publish Snapshot

At any time and in preparation for a release

Before doing a full jna release, we can publish a development SNAPSHOT of the "next" release for people to test. The SNAPSHOT will be published in the staging repository:

see: for the various jars.

To publish a development SNAPSHOT do the following:

    git checkout -- .
    ant deploy

Note: Unlike stable, unchanging releases, a SNAPSHOT may be re-published at any time (and is typically deleted after a full release is performed).

Publish Release