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To run:
Download Play framework version 1.2.4 fra http://www.playframework.org/
Define the environment variable PLAY_HOME to the directory that contains PLAY.
Include PLAY_HOME in PATH.
(e.g. export PLAY_HOME=$HOME/play-1.2.4; export PATH=$PLAY_HOME:$PATH)

From the 'java.no' directory, run:
'play install playapps'
'play install pdf'
'play dependencies'

All dependencies are declared in the 'conf/dependencies.yml' file

When changing the dependency graph you must invoke:
'play dependencies'

'play idealize'
Create a new IDEA project and import the "meetup" module.
Add the PDF module <lib> folder to the meetup module.
'play eclipsify'

run developer mode:
'play run'

build war file for test or production:
'play dependencies --sync'
'play war --zip -o ../play --%prod'

upload to test (requires login):
'scp play.war www4.java.no:/pool0/zones/zone1/opt/jb/play/'
'ssh -t www4.java.no "sudo zlogin zone1 svcadm restart cswjetty6:play"'